I am an English pianist based in East Sussex. Following  a 20 year career in performing-arts education and school management I returned to professional life as a pianist and teacher.

I began lessons at the piano on Saturdays as a child with Olga Wilson at the Watford School of Music, and eventually studied with Charles Hopkins, at Chethams School of Music from 1976 to 1981. My academic learning continued exploring composition with Frank Denyer at Dartington College of Arts and post graduate musical research at Manchester University (Xenakis). During all that time since my early teens I have performed publically both as a soloist and in chamber music, mainly of the Twentieth Century.  My music training has often been bespoke, having  met Stockhause, Xenakis, Cage and Takemitsu while studying their music, and having the opportunities to learn from several of their prime interpreters.

My own current repertoire is particularly drawn from the music of Beethoven, Takemitsu, Messiaen, Ravel, Stravinsky, Peter Maxwell Davies, Liszt, Kapustin, Chopin, Stockhausen and Bartok.

My approach to performance and recording is to focus wholly on the communication between the music and the listener, using all personal expression as an endeavour to achieve that aim. Ultimately the pianist brings the food to the table, nothing more. A comprehensive approach including presentation, curation and education, is just as much part of success as effective technique.

Hopefully this blog reveals a musician’s work as being of the kind centred upon dedicated contribution to the art, rather than personal ambition.



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